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    North Shore, Sydney Business Awards

    Awarded 11th November 2015.


    I am honoured to be recognised in this way. Having been in business for 17 years, its easy to see I love working with business owners, speaking on stage to make a difference and doing my very best in everything I do. Thank you to my team, my clients past and present, and Precedent Productions for making this possible. Jen Harwood. Photo by EventPix


    North Shore, Sydney Business Awards

    Awarded 9th November 2014.


    "Thank you to all our clients, suppliers, team and the business community. We are thrilled with this recognition as the work we do for our clients usually gets all the accolades!"


    We're on a mission to grow businesses, get results and create greatness.

    Let us help you grow your business, profits and success!

    Business Coaching

    Sales - Lead Generation - Leadership - Family Business

    In Person - Skype - Phone & Email


    Business Coaching with Jen Harwood - in person, via skype and on the phone. Jen's been business coaching for 20 years. She as worked personally with over 1100 businesses in the last 20 years in 5 countries and ALL of them have got results. Jen has a lot of business experience and training in many disciplines and brings all of that to the table with each and every client. Much of her clients success is the network of professionals Jen is connected to.

    Jen’s coaching causes the business leader to completely shift their thinking and then surround themselves with like-minded and successful people. Like attract like and success breeds success. You want a coach that’s not going to just talk, they are going to make stuff happen with you. Jen's work comes through referrals and her client’s success rate is awesome.
    If you want more leads, a better sales process & conversion, Jen can definitely help you. If you want better leadership, accountability and focus, business coaching will do that and more. You will become so much more effective with the existing time you've got. Also, if you are in a family business, Jen knows all about these very well. You can still stay a family and have the business actually work. You can also take holidays, leave the business or sell it and still have the people you care about most love you and work for you!


    So if you want to see if we've got the right coach for you – organise a free, no obligation click here for a 30 minute phone/skype session and check out our style and see if there’s a fit.

    Business Fundamentals

    One Day Vision-Mission-Values Session

    From 1 - 50 people - get it done in just one day!


    The fundamentals of business are simple. Know where you are going, set the milestones to get there, know what you have to do each day or every client transaction and then know who you and all your people are going to ‘be’ when doing it. Then when you know all of that, DO IT !!! Jen Harwood has worked with hundreds of businesses in this area and while the theory may be simple, it’s sure not easy to figure this out by yourself and try to lead your team to come to agreement either. Over the last 10 years, Jen’s developed a very simple one day session (depending on how big your team is, could be only half a day) where you can get all of this sorted out – no kidding, it’s a promise. One day is all you need. Jen’s done this with small businesses, professional practices, manufacturers, local government, charities, not-for-profits, and corporate teams. She can do that for you and your team too.


    Sales Training and Team Motivation

    Get your sales team on the same page and firing on all levels

    From 1 - 30 people - weekly accountability


    Sales is the life blood of every business. If your sales team are not hitting their targets, or you don’t have any real targets or accountability in your sales team, then you need Jen. You can’t afford to be paying sales people to come back and give you excuses about bad leads, poor time management or the lead was wrong. Setting the sale up, on the spot objection handling, creating and stacking value and personal mindset and context are the areas Jen works with you and your team with. Jen’s results with clients sales teams is excellent as it quickly weeds out the cowboys and enables stars to shine and inspire others to lift their game.



    We've worked with over 1100 businesses. They fall into 3 categories of needs and issues.

    Business Growers

    Mission: You want better growth, profit and leverage. This is the time to reap the reward of your innovation and get this business cracking !

    Problems they face: Time, Team, Biz Plan, Burnout, CashFlow, Profit
    Business has been established 3+ years
    Turnover $500k – $5 mil
    Growing pains – cashflow, staff, time, leadership, management
    Want more profit as your wages aren't very high
    You need to increase sales and maybe you're the best at selling in the team or you're not the best person to run the sales team.
    You need to delegate better and you don't have time to do it
    Your excited and frustrated as you're the most inspiring person in your team, friends, peers and yet, you still need a push and motivation to be GREAT.
    We love working with Growers as they are the business owners that are UNSTOPPABLE in making things happen. When you get a coach, you have no-where to hide, you start taking massive action and creating the results you've wanted for ages. Being the best (in a little pond) is only good for your ego, it wont give you profits, lifestyle and the success you really want. Get a coach to get you into and then win in the bigger league of your industry. Book a free, no obligation business coaching session, book a time directly into Jen's Calendar here: www.calendly.com/thejenerator​

    Business Startup

    Mission: Get your idea into reality. Make more income in a business than through a job!

    Problems they face: No Business Plan, No Accountability, Needs Momentum
    Husband and Wife – one has a real job!
    Turnover up to Zero - $500k
    You've been successful in job/business before
    You are doing it all by yourself
    You are working 80-100 hours on the business
    You are a bit weird... you talk only about the business
    You are not getting the sales results you need, hence cashflow is not very good
    We love working with Start-ups. We've been through it ourselves several times and worked with hundreds just like you. We will get your sales moving, your planning in place and give you the accountability your loved ones were reluctant to provide you. You've invested in this business, so lets start making it work for you. Book a free, no obligation business coaching session, book a time directly into Jen's Calendar here: www.calendly.com/thejenerator

    Business Rock Stars

    Mission: Leverage your knowledge, make lots of money and do it for as long as you can !

    Problems they face: No support, No Business Plan, Big Ego!
    Any age - usually over 35 as you've got some expertise by now
    Male or Female
    Turnover +100k
    Brilliant at what you do
    Cant seem to hold focus for long as they innovate way too much
    Been in business for a short or long time and it's never really gotten off the ground. You're getting by, however for the work and effort that's going in you should be getting a much better return.
    Your loved ones keep telling you to get a proper job!
    Book a free, no obligation business coaching session, book a time directly into Jen's Calendar here: www.calendly.com/thejenerator


    Jen Harwood

    Motivational Speaker & Business Coach

    Jen's favorite things to do in the whole world are laugh, hug, and high five. Awesome was probably her first word, and she uses it to describe anyone and everyone – because what gets her out of bed in the morning are the people that make this world move, the leaders, and she’s 

    on a mission to supporting them lead it!

    Jen's personal site is www.jenharwood.com

    Louise Mulqueen

    General Manager

    Louise is at the centre of the business, co-orientating clients, projects, event, suppliers, deadlines, coaches, staff and everything that goes on in and around the business. She is the right hand person to Jen and 

    together they Jenerate Greatness Everywhere!

    Make no mistake, Lou is the cool cat at the back who works hard to make everything look so easy !

    Susie Forbes

    Financial Whiz Coach


    Susie is a qualified accountant specialising in board level consulting to organisations undergoing structural change, business analysis, process improvements, and strategic, organic or acquisitive growth.  Having almost thirty years in various senior finance roles, Susie demonstrates an extensive knowledge of business practices, a sound management philosophy, a strong service ethic and a unique cross-functional approach to problem solving. She's brilliant !


    Specialist Coaches

    The Jenerators!

    We cant show you their faces as they work for other people or run other businesses. We have awesome relationships with these people and they either contract to us directly, or we refer our clients to them for a variety of support services to help our clients shift their mindset, their core beliefs or create empowering strategies in their life so we can focus on the business.

    You can be confident that we TRUST these people completely and they deliver results for our clients each and every time !

  • Testimonials

    What our clients say about our work !

    Transport Services

    Di Sloan - Bendigo Airport Service


    We were making business decisions without careful

    planning and in no logical and workable order.

    Jen steered me in the continuous progress towards

    the successful completion of our own business plan.

    She inspired and helped me plan and implement

    actions for the future, to take advantage of changes

    and opportunities and guide us to success AND to

    build a successful platform to cope with our growing

    business. I really liked Jen’s ‘optimistic’ attitude. She

    inspires motivation and action in her expertly

    delivered sessions that are fun and inspirational.


    Automotive Publishing

    Max Ellery - Ellery Publications


    Our automotive repair manual publishing

    company is quite unique with only a hand full of

    simular publishing companies worldwide.

    We needed a plan for the future. Jen and her team

    specifically coached us in planning our marketing

    and operations strategies as well as looking at a

    succession plan for the future. I would recommend

    Jen and her team to any company wishing to

    forward plan their activities and growth.



    We have launched other services and projects you might be interested in

    Books, Greatness Cards and Business Programs for business leaders, coaches, trainers, counsellors and anyone supporting small business people.




    Just HOW do you build a SUPPORT network when you have nobody you TRUST to support you?

    Almost every leader at some point in their business/career, will face social and/or emotional isolation. They will lose their trusted confidants through normal life events such as death, job challenge, illness, divorce, marriage, birth and relocation.

    When we lose or even 'get rid' of people on purpose from our lives and dont replace that relationship role, we become lone wolves trying to survive everything, which is exhausting and can make the business or situation even worse.

    The Greatness Principle book and products have been written for leaders in the three main areas of influence in our community – corporate, small business and family. Wherever you lead in your work, business or life, the Greatness Principle is a MUST to ensure your support system is in place to create GREAT results for all.


    Jen speaks regularly at conferences and events on business and inspirational topics.


    International Business Speaker


    Jen is a recognised business speaker who can touch, move and inspire an audience to think differently about business and create positive change. Jen's style is energetic and engaging. She shares real business stories to teach audiences fundamental business principles in an entertaining way. Jen's topics are: The Art of NetworkingThe Greatness PrincipleThe Confident Woman, Business Fundamentals - Vision, Mission, Values & Goals, The Art of Attraction



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