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    We get excited about growing businesses, getting results and creating greatness.

    Business Coaching

    Sales - Growth - Leadership

    Business Coaching - in person, via skype or on the phone. We have been business coaching for 20+ years each. They have worked collectively with over 2800 businesses and leaders one-on-one in all over the world. They have business experience and training in many disciplines and they bring all of that to the table with each and every client. Much of our clients success is a result of doing the right thing, consistently over time through accountability, great strategies and persistence. Coaching makes that happen.


    Our coaching also causes the business leader to completely shift their thinking and then surround themselves with like-minded and successful people. Like attracts like and success breeds success. You want a coach that’s not going to just talk, they are going to make stuff happen WITH you. So if you want to see if we have the right coach for you click the button below.


    One Day Team Goal Setting Session

    The fundamentals of business are simple. Know where you are going, set the milestones to get there, know what you have to do each day or every client transaction and then know who you and all your people are going to ‘be’ when doing it. Then when you know all of that, DO IT !!!

    We have worked with hundreds of businesses in this area and while the theory may be simple, it’s sure not easy to figure this out by yourself and try to lead your team to come to agreement either. Over the last 10 years, Jen’s developed a very simple one day session (depending on how big your team is, could be only half a day) where you can get all of this sorted out – no kidding, it’s a promise. One day is all you need. Jen ad Liz have done this with small businesses, professional practices, manufacturers, local government, charities, not-for-profits, and corporate teams. They can do that for you and your team too.

    Sales Training and Motivation

    Get your sales people firing on all levels

    Sales is the life blood of every business. If your sales team are not hitting their targets, or you don’t have any real targets or accountability in your sales team, then you need Jen. You can’t afford to be paying sales people to come back and give you excuses about bad leads or poor time management. Setting the sale up, on the spot objection handling, creating and stacking value and personal mindset and context and accountability are the areas Jen works with you on. Jen’s results with clients sales teams is excellent as it quickly weeds out the cowboys and enables stars to shine and inspire others to lift their game and for the business to make PROFIT!


    Not everyone is a right fit for our style and skills. See if you fit...

    Business in Startup

    People who are starting a new business venture who have had success in the past and want a more effective run this time round.

    The business must have the following:

    Vision – Estimated first year turnover to be $200k or more

    Staff – 2 or more. Can be a husband/wife team

    Funds for Coaching – min of $15k for the first 6 months
    Needs – direction, accountability, strategy

    Needs – connections and introductions to key people

    Wants – structure, and independent sounding board

    Wants – More than anything to be successful.

    We really enjoys working with Business Start-Ups. Our team have been through it themselves several times and worked with hundreds of businesses at this stage of development. Our coaches will get you into action, your sales moving, your planning in place and give you the accountability you need. You've invested in this business, so lets start making it work for you. Book a free, no obligation business coaching session, book a time directly into Jen's Calendar below.

    Business in Growth

    Professional & Trade Service Business

    The business must have the following:

    Staff – 2 or more

    Turnover – more than $300k per year
    Needs – better cashflow, time, leadership & business skills

    Needs – better delegation and put a plan for growth in place.

    Wants – Owner wants to take more of a wage

    Wants – Owner wants accountability

    We love working with these type of clients as they are the business owners that are UNSTOPPABLE in making things happen. When you work with us, you have no-where to hide, you start taking massive action and creating the results you've wanted for ages. Being the best (in a little pond) is only good for your ego, it wont give you profits, lifestyle and the success you really want. If you want to expand and grow your business, you need to work on yourself as well as the team. Our Jenerator Coaches take your mindset to a whole now level of success. Book a free, no obligation business coaching session to see if we are a good fit for you on the link below.

  • Testimonials

    What our clients say about our work !

    Transport Services

    Bendigo Airport Service

    We were making business decisions without careful planning and in no logical and workable order. Jen steered me in the continuous progress towards the successful completion of our own business plan. She inspired and helped me plan and implement actions for the future, to take advantage of changes and opportunities and guide us to success AND to

    build a successful platform to cope with our growing business. I really liked Jen’s ‘optimistic’ attitude. She inspires motivation and action in her expertly delivered sessions that are fun and inspirational.


    Ellery Publications

    Our automotive repair manual publishing company is quite unique with only a hand full of

    similar publishing companies worldwide. We needed a plan for the future. Jen and her team specifically coached us in planning our marketing and operations strategies as well as looking at a succession plan for the future. I would recommend

    The Jenerators to any company wishing to forward plan their activities and growth.


    Bespoke Printing

    SB Libris

    At SB Libris, we enlisted the help of Jen Harwood in 2007 when the time came to grow our business. Regular meetings with Jen and others from her extensive network of professionals enabled us to set realistic goals and strategically plan our growth. The advice and guidance we received was excellent and the results were beyond our expectations. A highly valuable experience for any small business!



    Bendigo Bank

    We were looking for someone who could assist our teams with networking and personal development and we finally found Jen Harwood. Jen was someone who was interested in listening to what our training needs were first, then went about delivering a tailored program to meet our needs. Jen was very enthusiastic and created excitement in her presentation and brought her professional and personal experiences to the team in a fun and interactive way.

    John Sirolli - Bendigo Bank


    Tourism Sector

    Kathryn Mckenzie

    Jen Harwood has worked with tourism businesses over the past two years delivering a series of Business Planning workshops. This has involved group workshops and individual busi- ness mentoring in reviewing business plans with a view to growing their business. The tourism operators involved have welcomed Jen’s energy, leadership, strategic direction and mentoring, bringing real changes to their business practices and bottom line results.


    Travel Industry

    Sarah Wainright

    The coaching I’ve received for my business Eaglehawk Cruise & Travel with Jen Harwood has been invaluable. Not only has it challenged the way I was looking at my business but it’s taken me out of my comfort zone and helped me strive to reach our full potential.

    I would without hesitation recommend Jen the Jenerator to any business new or established who are looking to take the next step.

    Audio Visual

    John Power

    Around 12 months ago our business was only just ticking along. We had lost a key staff member and I had lost that get up and go attitude that I had in the rest 15 years of trading. Jen the Jenerator has totally turned this around. The business has a new class image and great future plans. I now love coming to work every day again, thanks to Jen and her team!

    Graphic Design

    Craig Dunn

    Jen has played a key roll in raising my company's profile within and outside regional Victoria. We now design for a diverse range of clients across Australia and create their brands, logos and marketing materials. We have also used Jen's business coaching service and that turbo boost has seen our business blossom. I highly recommend The Jenerator to any new and established businesses looking to take the next step.

  • The Jenerators !

    The team that supports YOU !

    Louise Mulqueen

    General Manager

    Louise is the person behind the scene, co-orientating clients, projects, event, suppliers, deadlines, and everything that goes on in and around the business. She is the right hand person to Jen and together they 'jenerate' greatness everywhere! Make no mistake, Lou is the cool cat at the back who works hard to make everything Jen and the team do look so easy !

    Jen Harwood

    Motivational Speaker & Author & Coach

    Jen's favourite things to do in the whole world are talk to business owners about business. Awesome was probably her first word, and she uses it to describe anyone and everyone – because what gets her out of bed in the morning are the people that make this world move, the leaders, and she’s on a mission to supporting them lead it! Jen's personal site is here.

    Liz Grant

    Business Trainer & Business Coach

    Liz Grant is a strategy, marketing and innovation professional with more than 28 years’ experience helping businesses grow. After working in senior management levels at some of Australia’s most iconic corporates for 20 years, went out on her own. Her focus in business is helping other businesses build their customer communities. Liz is a generates results for clients AND their customers !

    Susie Forbes

    Financial Strategiest

    Susie enjoys being a behind the scenes person. She is a qualified accountant specialising in board level consulting to organisations undergoing structural change, business analysis, process improvements, and strategic, organic or acquisitive growth. Having almost thirty years in various senior finance roles, Susie demonstrates an extensive knowledge of business practices, a sound management philosophy, a strong service ethic and a unique cross-functional approach to problem solving. She's simply brilliant and one of our greatest assets !


    Specialists & Experts

    Accountants, Advisors, Brokers, Life Coaches etc

    We cant show you their faces as they work for other people or run other businesses. We has awesome relationships with these people and they either contract to us directly, or we refer our clients to them for a variety of support services to help them with their accounts, legals, systems or work with our clients personally to shift their mindset, their core beliefs. You can be confident that we TRUST these people completely and they deliver results for our clients each and every time !

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